James Logan

Junior Design Engineer

James’ background lies in IT, Art & Design, software/app development but primarily in User Experience software design and development; a practice that attempts to better direct the nebulous and often over complex world of software into providing finite, definitive and practical solutions to what are fundamentally always human problems the product (whatever it may be) needs to serve first and foremost, in addition to the raw function of the product itself.

This practice often times involving the redesign of existing products to better serve the users real needs, in re-forging the old design into a more user-friendly, easy to use, understand and aesthetically pleasing form, always seeking to answer the question ‘can it be made better, and if so how?’
James’ love of this pragmatic aspect of design, as well as his love of learning brought him to iDi Pac where those very same principals can be leveraged with artistic knowledge and creativity to enjoy the fun of creating superior products and solutions wherever possible.

Outside of work, James enjoys art, philosophy, learning about the various sciences, exercising and spending time with family.