Utilise the power of digital printing!

Digital printing has changed the world of packaging and label printing for the greater good. Digital printing technology has emerged as the ideal solution for flexible, cost effective printing. Shorter, controlled production runs are possible, making it a viable solution for projects constrained by tight deadlines or that are subject to last minute changes. Minimal setup time provides effective rapid prototyping capabilities for faster and efficient development.
A recent success story of effective utilisation of the power of digital printing is Coca-Cola’s “share a coke with…” campaign. During summer 2013 Coca-Cola introduced ‘limited edition’ packaging with 250 of the most popular names in Great Britain printed onto their bottle labels. In addition to this, portable printing vendors were created for the “share a coke tour” where consumers were able to get their own names printed on bottle labels in real-time, which further proved the agility and flexibility of digital printing technology.
Coca Cola reported a rise in retail sales demonstrating the success of the campaign, improving the consumer experience and expanding brand awareness by exploiting social media to appeal to a wider demographic.
iDi Pac has also facilitated the development of a number of innovative digitally printed items; labels, booklet label and indeed cartons and corrugate. The booklet label yields huge benefits; cost, single booklet for a range of products, rapid print changes between runs and a reduction in machinery footprint.Cost effective digital printing has widened the possibilities; customised product decoration compared to conventional print methods, not only for packaging and labelling but also for consumer goods. Digital print adds a competitive edge to brand owners and a significant opportunity for positive development; Low set-up costs, responsiveness, agility and flexibility makes this an exceptional tool for customisation of packaging and labelling which stands out.
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