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Use of ‘SMART’ and Intelligent Packaging

Active, Intelligent and Smart Packaging, these are all terms which are regularly banded around, but what exactly are they and how do they differ? To put it simply, Smart Packaging is Packaging that provides additional “Smart” functionality; Intelligent Packaging and Active Packaging are subgroups within Smart Packaging. More specifically, Intelligent Packaging uses sensors, measuring devices […]

Smart tech to improve patient adherence?

Its official, we live in an ageing world… With the percentage of over 60’s projected to reach 22% Globally by 2020, the increased loading on health service resources and expertise will become ever more significant. Figures from the US attribute poor medicinal adherence as the primary cause of some 125,000 deaths per annum, accelerating the […]


Wireless technologies are transforming the way in which retailers and brand owners interact with the consumer. RFID has been one of the most widely adopted security features used by retailers over the last few decades but with the increasing computing power held by almost every potential customer on their mobile devices, near field communications (NFC) […]