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Business Sustainability

When we look at projects, opportunities and so forth connected with “sustainability” within iDi Pac we look additionally at the other definition we use. Is it sustainable for the business? Does it create a more sustainable business? Business sustainability is a completely different area; new and innovative technologies create a business that grows novel approaches […]

Technology in Health & Beauty

iDi Pac have taken a look at some of the most popular market technology advances, and how these are being adopted in the health and beauty market. What’s interesting is the way these concepts translate cross sectors, maybe into your area? Hyper Personalisation & Augmented reality – To date there has been a limited uptake […]

Top packaging innovation trends

Packaging trends and innovations that will have a major influence in the present and future, this is our “take” on the coming or growing technology that will be taking off and capturing our imagination. Using air as filler We are often sold products that are largely branded “air”, why not use the same trick to […]

Digital (packaging) in the supply chain

What does Digital in the Supply Chain mean? We get asked all the time by our clients “we want to go Digital in the Supply Chain”… really, what does the client mean? Well, to put our perspective to it there is the “translation” of the request. Our response is typically “Do you want to be […]