Route to success…Roadmapping to guide the way

In the fast paced society we live in today, there is an ever increasing pressure upon businesses and especially product innovation teams to provide new and interesting technologies to grow market share for their brands. Whether it is augmented reality, electronics, plain old structure or Nano-technology. Innovation, marketing and business divisions within Brands are all trying to uncover the next market success.

So why is it that so many portfolio launches are doomed to failure. There are some well-known examples of rebrand fails – a certain well-loved fruit juice drink, the “skeleton cupboards” hold examples of innovation and convenience gone wrong:
It is believed by some that poor market analysis and ‘telling’ the customer what it wants is the primary culprit for such errors. Bringing innovation to market is about creating a robust support system and nurturing the ‘best’ ideas right from the beginning of the innovation process.

iDi Pac firmly believes in a tested Methodology called Innovation Roadmapping which is recognised as a powerful tool to deliver strategically astute product launches. Taking the long term view, macro and micro-trends allow a reviewing of the market, alignment internally and delivery of coordinated and cogent projects. By incorporating packaging, supply chain and external players such as iDi Pac, it is possible to visualise and develop strategies from ideation to development, capturing the most effective manner, whilst maintaining a shared vision between stakeholders and R&D. The alignment between business divisions, enhanced communication all contribute to the potential for cost savings but also unites areas of a business which would not usually communicate, driving an overall sense of comradery and delivery.

“Solving your product and supply chain challenges through effective design and pragmatically engineered packaging solutions.”

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