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As a business Director or Owner you’ll understand the effort required in building and maintaining specialist technical departments. Skilled resource is frequently hard to find and then to retain for a variety of reasons whilst technology advances require continual investment in equipment and training.

An outsourcing support model may well provide a convenient and effective answer to these difficult business questions.

In fact, we can spell out the key benefits of the outsourcing model to you;
• Cost Savings
Lower costs have typically been the primary focus for outsourcing. Direct savings are made in headcount and the associated salaries, benefits, and operational expenses. Indirect cost savings being derived from your ability to focus on the core business and outsource secondary processes to a specialised expert external provider.

• Expertise
Outsourcing provides access to a knowledge pool that you may not have inside your own company. Instead of building your own technical capability you can take advantage of an existing ‘skills bank’ and outsource your packaging & design to a specialist business. In the old economy, big companies had their own departments for every business requirement. In the network economy, companies are returning to their core businesses and now utilise a network of external partners to take care of the rest.

• Availability
In many technical areas it is increasingly difficult to find the highly skilled people who are available and willing to join your company – when you require them most. An outsourcing model provides a channel where you can readily locate high-quality, appropriate level expertise and project delivery at affordable rates. One oft forgotten but important benefit of the outsourcing model is the ability to conveniently add supplementary staff at “peak” times; project or seasonal.
• Flexible Capacity Management
Outsourcing enables your company to manage its capacity and staff. The task of hiring personnel, delivering services and maintaining the knowledge and skill base is managed by the Outsourcing partner who will then work with you to create a flexible, customised service based upon certain specified outputs of quantity/quality, a certain number of hours, or any other type of commitment.

If outsourcing is an area of interest for you please contact us where we would be happy to discuss the subject more fully.

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