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At iDi Pac we always strive to be efficient and agile in providing a great service to our customers.

Here are our top 5 tips to get the most out of modelling and using a 3D printer.

Are you ready to 3D print?
3D Printing is a superb tool for making good quality prototypes from CAD models but it can be expensive with long lead times… In the first iterations consider good old fashioned modelling; perhaps in foam or cardboard from sketches to improve the ideas before starting the narrowing down process at 3D print stage.

Check your CAD model
Checking your model thoroughly before printing will save time and money. Check tolerances are correct, the print orientation of the model is optimised for your printer and that you have added any support structures to ensure the model can be printed. Another key consideration is the density of the print; removing unnecessary material or hollowing out can improve print time and costs, and reduces the weight of the component to a more realistic state.

Maintenance; software and hardware
Keep the machine fully up to date with the latest firmware. Replace worn parts and ensure that all components of the machine are calibrated, level and clean.

Post print clean up
There are many post print clean up regimes for the 3D generated models. This improves the aesthetics and feel; sanding, polishing, chemical processing, heat application, trimming, grinding, gluing and welding. Choose carefully, considering the material and final use for the model.

Use more than one colour
Colour helps to bring the model to life, utilise the available colours. This can help those with less “visual” minds to understand and also improves the overall look of the printed model. Equally, it can help others pick out important details.

iDi Pac have an experienced team who can support all your 3D prototyping needs. We produce CAD designs and early stage prototypes using our onsite 3D printer and modelling skills. Later stage we have access to a great local resource to produce everything from labels to metal components.

If you are interested in our services or have any questions about 3D print, please feel free to contact us at

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