Concentrate, and you will have the answer…

Since the turn of the century there has been a noticeable shift in the size and concentration of our essential branded products, from super concentrated soft drinks and ‘small and mighty’ bottles to ‘compressed’ deodorant cans and the comeback of the soda stream. This market trend has resulted a in a ripple effect throughout the distribution cycle of packaging in an overall positive manor; lower packaging material consumption and volume sent to landfill, less shipment of ‘water’ and smaller profiles on the store shelves. However, it begs the question – Why have the brand owners and manufacturers not implemented this sooner?

A recent technology forum at the Packaging Innovations Show had the answer – Market research undertaken by one of the UK’s leading supermarket chains suggests the main cause is consumer perception of feeling ‘cheated’ with smaller packs at a higher price point. However, many influencing factors of the current economic climate have nudged consumers towards welcoming smaller concentrate packs:

• Space at a premium – As the number of adults living under one roof is getting larger (due to the average age of a first time buyer in their 30s) and the size of new builds and small family housing ever decreasing, household storage space is becoming more highly sought after. Higher concentrate packs mean that storage space can be utilised more efficiently.

• Waste restriction – Consumer pockets are being hit not only in the supermarkets but now with the removal of household waste, with some councils charging for the removal of landfill waste. Consumers are being forced to reconsider the financial effect of the packaging they purchase not only in-store but when they dispose of it too.
With packaging development correlated to what will be accepted in the market, and the improvement in education of consumers for the real purpose of packaging, the future is looking to be heading in the right direction. Before we know it we could be dealing with only dry powders, syrups and gel packs.

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