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Supply chain decision support: Grasp the nettle

If, like many others, you’ve worked hard over time to achieve incremental benefits by streamlining and tweaking your production and global supply chain models, you may now be feeling that the next “big” win doesn’t exist or is certainly harder to identify and deliver. It is frequently the case that the current operational framework doesn’t […]

New Packaging Innovation to reduce food waste

By Sarah Tyas, Senior Packaging Consultant and Health & Beauty Industry Expert at iDi Pac Ltd In UK we waste close to a fifth of all foodstuffs bought into our households (2016 WRAP food waste report), due to “missed ‘use by’ dates”, confusion with ‘best before’ dates, or lack of small size portion pack availability, […]

Late stage customisation: What is it?

By Khoshal Mann, Packaging Engineer and Structural Design Expert at iDi Pac Ltd Whether it is a cosmetic, pharmaceutical, agrochemical or Fast Moving Consumer Goods brand, we at iDi Pac are frequently asked by our clients, what is late stage customisation (LSC) and how can I leverage its benefits? This piece will provide you with […]

Utilise the power of digital printing!

Digital printing has changed the world of packaging and label printing for the greater good. Digital printing technology has emerged as the ideal solution for flexible, cost effective printing. Shorter, controlled production runs are possible, making it a viable solution for projects constrained by tight deadlines or that are subject to last minute changes. Minimal […]

Packaging failure

When packaging goes wrong, production stops, Line Managers start to look stressed, Senior Managers look around for someone to blame. If you are a packaging specialist you may find yourself under scrutiny. Now is not the time to panic. It is time to trust in your approval processes and concentrate on resolving the issue. The […]

Flexibility in the Supply Chain – what does it mean?

Isn’t it true that we like to be treated as individuals? And, isn’t it also true that we are all different in our needs, desires, wants? Starbucks understands this concept and has started to ask for our names when we order a coffee….just so we can have our individualised and “unique” beverage. If the premise […]

Positive Packaging

61% of consumers think fruit and vegetables “go bad” quicker when in packaging. This statistic from EPA highlights some of the negative connotations associated with packaging. The vital benefits of protection and preservation that packaging provides are often ignored or misunderstood and instead packaging is frequently viewed as the enemy to sustainability. The reality is […]

A significant impact on the economics’ of the booklet manufacturing sector

As the demand for personalisation of products, growing content and the macro trend toward ever smaller production batches grows, a flexible booklet manufacturing solution that serves the needs of the short run is increasingly essential for convertors and accessible as an in-house process for many. Creating optimised, targeted product instructional information is key to motivating […]