Business Sustainability

When we look at projects, opportunities and so forth connected with “sustainability” within iDi Pac we look additionally at the other definition we use. Is it sustainable for the business? Does it create a more sustainable business?

Business sustainability is a completely different area; new and innovative technologies create a business that grows novel approaches and solutions to business issues and produces a company that can sustain for longer. This is what makes the things we do sustainable in the widest sense. At iDi Pac we passionately believe that through innovation, novel approaches to business issues and looking holistically at the challenges faced, we can deliver sustainability; in the Eco and in the Business context.
As a simple case study – in house printing. Our client was looking at how their eco footprint could be improved. The client had made some big statements in moving towards mono materials for improved recycling in a light-weighted pack. One challenge was the labelling of the packs… with a relatively complex booklet labelling system that was not an “off the shelf” solution. The requirement for the same mono-material to support the drive towards improved recycling is limited by materials and thus whether there were conventional processes that allowed the construction of booklet labels.

iDi Pac through its excellent networks and market knowledge were able to identify the technologies, materials and expert partners who would be able to convert this seemingly impossible problem into a viable and sustainable solution. What iDi Pac also did was to see where this sustainably driven project could derive further business benefit and meet corporate aspirations.
In the first instance, the availability of the correct, thinner, material delivered further material savings;, another good eco story but with real cost savings. With such novel technology there are likely to be other process benefits also; in this case building flexibility, short run/batch capability and that premium/customisable and personalisation space. For the accountants out there, their is also the financial aspect in operations. That cursed phrase “working capital reduction” is a clear opportunity with the reduction in stock values and because conversion is occurring on site, the value growth is so much closer to production date. Link to this the fact that predictability of ordering (Make to Order) is now a key tenet of the operation, and the scrapping of redundant/aged stock becomes a thing of the past.

Further opportunities, often not considered, lie in control. By this iDi Pac means that the artwork assets are held internally, this permits security to be an integral part of the operation, reducing opportunity for counterfeit production and most of all controlling changes in security internally. Publicity is thus controlled and most importantly kept out of the public domain. Adding serialisation/coding capability locally further develops the level of security protection.

So, at iDi Pac we firmly support the Sustainability ethos; both eco and business meanings of the word. We look to develop the waste reduction philosophies and support through light-weighting, damage reduction and so forth. What we also passionately believe in is that the Business must be sustainable – this means that financials must stack up, that processes are efficient, that quality is maintained.

That is what we mean by Sustainability!

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