Artwork Asset Management

We all know how overwhelming and error-prone packaging artwork development can be? Multiple email chains with large attachments, content and copy generation, data storage and retrieval, corrupted files, incorrectly labelled file versions…the list goes on & we’ve all been there!

Well, what we do at iDi Pac is support companies in making the transfer from the ‘old way’. Handling multiple artwork labelling projects with high risks & multiple errors to a more efficient artwork asset management system. Supporting our clients in regaining control of the process.

In fact we work with one of the industry leaders in this field to facilitate this change and deliver the implementation and training to ensure seamless introduction.

We see major benefits for users, typically;

• Having a centrally maintained system that contains your assets;marketing materials, content, brand assets, guidelines, templates and anything else associated with building your product artworks

• Activity logs – who did what, when, what changes etc

• Remote employees can access & review work and influence the approval process

• A marked reduction of duplicate digital file content in circulation and storage – and consequently fewer errors
• Increased employee productivity as admin and file maintenance time is slashed & software enables faster creation of artworks
• Streamlined and automated approval process that reduce time to market and delivers accountability.

A focussed asset management system further minimises the risk of losing work if your agency or local server goes down. And you reduce the risk of leaking sensitive and restricted assets because you control what individual users can and can’t see in the system. Additionally, with the ever-spiraling increase in legislation, the demand for precise asset usage, storage instructions, legally-approved phrases and multi-language versions, creates a great need for companies to have a simple yet effective method of collating local market translation requirements.

Talk to us to find out how we can support you in bringing your artwork management process online.

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