Are you Ready For Pharma Serialisation?

Serialisation, e-Pedigree, Track & Trace present significant challenges to the industry and largely, by 2018, all Pharma businesses must comply with the Falsified Medicines Directive or other equivalent local legislation.

Don’t let line efficiencies drop, risk damaging your brand or more importantly lose business by underestimating this challenging deadline! Successful implementation is a lengthy process with potentially significant business upheaval and cost requiring effective delivery strategies, careful planning, quality resources, investment, documentation and strong project management.
It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the prospect of the FMD. Engaging key stakeholders however and mapping out a strong implementation plan will keep you on track to meet that approaching deadline. The potentially significant capital investment can also be daunting so it’s vital that you fully understand the different options available and the longer term implications. For example, your organisation may need to re-evaluate and modify its packaging solutions or perhaps introduce new equipment to production lines; requiring design and specification as well as knowledge of the supply chain, packaging, sales, forecasting etc.
Our knowledge of the industry and associated technology shows that

“One Size does NOT always fit all!”

Our experience has shown that many aren’t fully aware of the different options that may be suitable for their businesses and may, as a consequence, implement inefficient, costly solutions. We are also very aware that availability of suitable equipment and expertise is becoming ever more limited as we move forward and lead times extend. With a coherent strategy and expert skills, serialisation can be implemented cost effectively and on-time! iDi Pac can support you in evaluating all the possible scenarios enabling your business to make an informed decision, and deliver an optimised solution. Whether your packaging lines are manual or automated, you’re an SME or multinational company, we are the guys to talk to!

“Serialisation needs to become a part of your business process, not a burden and provides an opportunity to improve your in-market image – Providing more protection to your consumers” – iDi Pac

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